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Bookkeeping may sound very simply a job of maintaining all the transactions of the company. But, the amount of work that goes into it can only be explained by a person who has done it. The details have to be meticulously entered without any mistakes. It is the basis for all other reports. Hence, if the books are not maintained properly everything could go wrong.


Further, these need to be maintained as per the stipulations of the government. Most companies will find it difficult to have a person to handle this work. This is why FM Accounting & Consultancy is offering the bookkeeping service. As we are keen on helping the medium and small companies to run smoothly we have fixed our rates for this job also at a very affordable level.


Our packages for bookkeeping can be tailor-made as per your requirement. Our employees are experts in maintaining books and processing statements as per the requirements of IRAS and ACRA. You can trust our experience in the job.


If you want to register company Singapore it is better for you to take the service of a consultant. If you are planning to do it yourself, you will be spending much of your time, which you can spend productively. The process itself is very simple and easy. But if you don’t know the right procedures and the correct documents that are to be submitted, then you could be going around in circles.


FM Accounting & Consultancy is experienced in registering and incorporating a lot of companies in Singapore. We have registered both foreign and local companies with ease. Once we have done the job you need not worry about compliance with the regulations.


We also offer very affordable packages for you for registration, incorporation and providing company secretary. Our packages are meant to save you money.