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When you wish to make your dream of registering a company in Singapore a reality, then you should be aware of certain important things. There are certain norms or conditions that need to be followed which would help you to progress further without taking much time. You have to identify certain important things which are required in setting your business. So, if you are able to approach a good and genuine consultancy service, it would prove to be a bonus for you. This is because the perfect and reputed one would provide you with all important details on how to get the registration done in a swift manner. There would not be any type of hassle that would also make you save your precious time. Finding a one-stop solution is possible at FM Accounting & Consultancy services. We help you to provide all useful details that are required in order to incorporate your business in the right way. This would help you to focus your attention on other work as we would make sure that the registration gets done in the perfect manner. 


You can find enhanced productivity along with cost savings services to meet your right requirement. Our accounting services help you to maintain the best and proper records. You would be able to get accurate financial information without any problem. Our qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants can help to make things less complicated as well. Our packages are also quite affordable where you can find that it has helped in proving to be of much help to you. You would never find yourself spending much money for our services that we provide. By contacting us for a non-obligatory quote is also possible where you can find our services to be of much use to set up a company in Singapore.


At FM Accounting & Consultancy services, you can find useful assistance to register a company in Singapore. This would definitely help to make the process much convenient. We provide services like GST Registration, financial audit, strike-off company, etc to meet your business goal. So, you should try to seek our services without fail which would help you to find the perfect solution. We also provide corporate insurance which is very important for employees and companies. You can always rely on our perfect services where we would assist you in providing the best solution for registration of your company.

We Provide Corporate Services For Your Convenience

You have enough work in your hands now that you are ready to start your company. You have to make so many arrangements for the launch of your company. You need to get everything set up. You have to get your manpower ready before you can start the operations. You have to make arrangements for supplying your products on time. Also, it’s quite important to first make sure that you develop the necessary customer base before you can start the company. When all these things are running in your head, do you need the additional burden of dealing with government formalities and filling up documents? Isn't it better to leave those jobs to the expert so that you can take care of more important work?


Registration of business in Singapore is a very straightforward and easy job. There are not too many formalities to be done. The process is also very quick. The only problem that people face is that they are not aware of how to go about it. Moreover, you need to spend time on all these procedures. This is where a professional service provider for corporates like FM Accountant & Consultancy can help you. We know the procedures very well. We know what documents have to submit and how we should go about the job. We are experienced in company register Singapore and experts in getting it done quickly.


All you need to do is to sign the documents for us and select a few names that you would like to have for your company. One of the names will be selected by the authorities after checking that they don’t violate any of the conditions. After this, the incorporation of the company is done and you will have your company registered as per the rules and regulations.


Another service that we provide is to help you manage your taxes and submit the necessary revenue estimates in the prescribed form. We will help you with Singapore company tax return filing and payment of tax. If you want to save a lot of time for yourself to concentrate more on the core business and get things more productive for your business, you had better hire our brilliant services.

How does having an accounting firm for your business help you?

What is it that an accountant does that you can’t do for your business? Many startup CXOs have asked this question to themselves, and as much as wrong they are, it is rather inexperience that these questions are entertained. We will help you with the answers this time. Managing the finances for your business is crucial even if your business has just taken off. An accountant is like a trusted adviser to whom you go when you need directions while taking the key decisions.


Yes, we meant it. An accountant is an adviser and can give you proper directions for some of your major turning points in business. Accounting is not just about paying taxes and keeping their records. It is also about maintaining and managing your assets so that you can strategize well and move forward without worrying too much about the losses towards profit and growth.


You can save a lot of time with the help of an experienced accountant. Your expertise ends at running the company and your time is your money. Every hour you spend on filing taxes and trying to figure about the latest rules, you are spending valuable time which could have spent making managerial decisions for your company. Bookkeeping services come pretty much comes with hiring an accountant, but that doesn’t mean it’s all there is. Your accountant can also be your trusted adviser on a key important decision like when to take your company public, and how to save on import taxes when new government regulations are in effect.


You can have a source for a valuable source of information as your accountant. An accountant is ideally an expert on matters like Singapore company tax laws and when to file for bonuses for your employees. So having an accountant pays off where you would save a lot of money and time otherwise you might have to spend on damage control and unforeseen expenses. Payroll and tax filing are time-consuming affairs and only with the help of an accountant can you really take advantage of the system positively. Besides, if you are running on profit and you decide to go for your first IPO, having an accountant may be the difference between making a mistake and taking your company into the success.


All that being said, we would like you to introduce you to FM accounting. Our staffs are all professionals and are highly trained in accounting services. We exist to make the lives of our customers easier and help them succeed.

Now Set up Your Company in No Time

Setting up a private limited Company in Singapore is no longer as difficult as it used to be in the past. As a matter of fact, a lot of aspiring businessmen had to change their decisions on starting a Company in Singapore in the past as they found the legalities pretty complex and time-consuming. There's no denying the fact that legalities are still a lot complex and in fact, it can be more complex for those who don't have a decent knowledge of the various legalities associated with Setting up a private limited Company in Singapore which is again pretty normal.


However, the FM Accounting team can largely help you set up your Company in Singapore without having to deal with the legalities on your own. The advantage you have with FM Accounting is the fact that it has layers and accounts with years of professional experience and expertise. This will subsequently make the process less lengthy as with such experienced professionals there is not even the slightest chance for any errors. Running a Company can be as difficult as setting it up especially if one is quite new to the business. In our many years of experience, we have come across many companies that reflected the inexperience of their owners and we have greatly helped them to accelerate from there on.


With our corporate secretary in Singapore, things will get a lot improved for your Company and it will increase the possibility of success massively. This will help you focus on the core business without having to worry much about anything else. It will make more room for a businessman to plan on the strategies for his businesses. Hiring our corporate secretary in Singapore has proved to be pretty effective in improving the overall productivity of many companies and we received a lot of appreciations as well for our excellent contribution in this field.

Avail Business Registration and Accounting Solutions in Singapore at FM ACCOUNTING

Do you know to how to setup a new business in Singapore? If not, you should rush to any authorized business registration service provider in Singapore immediately. In the country, you will find many top-class company registration agencies, which have core business to help new and existing businesses to setup genuinely in the country and run their trades leally without any hassle. For instance, you can take chance with “FM ACCOUNTING”, which is an ideal stop in Singapore to get the best business solutions and accounting services for corporate companies of all sizes and fields. The agency prominently deals in accounting and finance services, but also has feet in corporate business registration services too. Besides, the agency provides good services for GST registration, finance and taxation, bookkeeping and other business management services in Singapore at affordable charges.


No need to worry, if you require services for setting up a private limited company in Singapore. For this service, you may also contact to the “FM ACCOUNTING” in the country. The company has staff of the finest business registration professionals, who have extensive knowledge of privatization of a new company in Singapore in a legal way. The business experts of the firm will also tell you what documents are required to file for privatization of a firm in the nation? For privatization of a business in Singapore, you will have details of company’s shareholders, name, registered address of business, bank account and business capital details as well. If you have all such information of business, you can easily file for private limited tag of business in Singapore in an authorized way. So, you just need to manage all such requirements or documents for the same and leave rest on the skilled staff of the above agency to follow up for privatization process of your business in Singapore.


Similarly, if you need GST registration Singapore, you should approach to the finest accounting and GST registration experts of “FM ACCOUNTING” agency. The professionals have much knowledge of GST rules and other business taxes in Singapore. However, the accounting and taxation professionals of the firm will surely help you in filing GST registration of your business in Singapore in a legal way. Moreover, they also have expertise in calculating GST amount and final audit of your business to file for income tax or annual return of business. They can perform all smartly and under the corporate rules in Singapore and will give sign of relief to the client to run business legally in the country.


Thus, you will get total services for business registration to accounting at one single stop in Singapore named “FM ACCOUNTING” at affordable charges.

A Perfect Place to Find a Complete Solution to All Your Corporate Needs Right from the Start

There's would hardly be anyone who doesn't wish for a smooth running business. However, there are many important aspects of a business that needs the right attention. Furthermore, the business world has got pretty competitive over the years and this is why one had better take well care of every single aspect of one's business if one really wants to achieve great success with one's business. Bookkeeping is certainly one of such important factors that should not be overlooked in any case. At FM Accounting, we have the best accountants with years of professional knowledge to assist you with your accounting needs. In fact, we have assisted many businesses over the past many years with their booking.


We completely understand how important it is for you to focus on the core business on a consistent basis without having to deal with the complexities of bookkeeping and with our bookkeeping services Singapore, you will certainly be relieved to a very large extent of this burden and you can surely concentrate better on your business. As a matter of fact, there is a proliferation of such services in Singapore these days but not every company dealing with bookkeeping services is equally reliable. We have largely proved our expertise in this field over the years and by now we certainly attained a very reliable and dependable position.


FM Accounting is a perfect place for you to find a complete solution to all your corporate needs right from the start of your business. You must be aware as to how mandatory it is for a Company to appoint a Company Secretary Singapore and we can help you find a perfect Company Secretary in Singapore for your Company. We have had a wonderful journey so far and all along this journey we received many appreciations for our brilliant work. Over the years, we have helped many of our clients from breaking out of their worries related to bookkeeping and after they experienced how skillfully we handled it, they were like, “Wow! Where was FM Accounting all this while?”


Also, we charge a pretty affordable price for our services. If you are in the middle of a confusion pertaining to the bookkeeping aspect of your business and you can't seem to find a way, don't waste your time in wondering and simply give us a call and we will do our best for you.

Expect the Best Help With Singapore Company Tax

You always wished to make a good business presence in Singapore. For this, you have to set up your own business that requires the best guidance in every step you take. Here you should also be able to get all the rules and regulations so that you can start your company in Singapore without any sort of legal issues. So, the right thing to do is to contact FM Accounting & Consultancy as we are the pioneer in providing the perfect guidance and support. You would find our services to be quite effective both in terms of money and time. So, you can make the right choice to contact us at the earliest. We make sure that you do not have to stay yourself tense when you connect with our experts. We would be able to get your business started without much involvement of paperwork and other documents.


We are here to provide you with the best and efficient tax management where you can always get the best recommendation from our experts. We make you get the best and effective tax strategies that would also help to provide a boost to your company. You can also try to opt for a non-obligatory quote in terms of taxation. With our perfect assistance to deal with Singapore company tax, you would be able to find it to quite help to run your business in Singapore seamlessly. Therefore, your right decision to avail the best services from us would prove to be noteworthy.


When you are done with your incorporation, appointing a Company Secretary for your business is mandatory within a period of 6 months. You might be in a mess or confused as you do not know any person in Singapore. Well, you do not have to panic as our perfect corporate secretarial services Singapore would take good care of this. Appointing a local resident company secretary by our team would greatly ease your tension. Here you can concentrate on other important things to operate your business in an effective manner. So, by choosing our services, you would never have to get worried about your business functioning in Singapore.

Get Prompt and Hassle-Free Business and Accounting Services from FM ACCOUNTING

If you want to experience accurate and transparent business and accounting solutions in abroad, you should rely on the best known accounting and business solution agencies in Singapore. In the country, you will find some ideal corporate agencies, which are indulged in rendering total solutions for businesses of all kinds as well as accounting services for them. For instance, you may get in touch with “FM ACCOUNING” in Singapore, which caters complete range of business solutions for accounting, business registration, taxation, accounting, finance, and much more. You will get all types of business services from the experts of the industry from above agency at reasonable charges. To manage client’s all types of business and accounting needs, company has skilled manpower, which includes talented accountants, business consultants, financial experts, legal professionals, etc. They are ready to assist clients and their businesses to setup in Singapore and provide them accurate accounting and financial services as per requirement.


For hassle-free business and accounting services in Singapore, you can approach to the “FM ACCOUNTING”, which is involved in all sorts of business accounting and financial services for corporate businesses in the country. No worries, if you want to know about Singapore Company tax norms to file annual return of business in the country. You should get in touch with accounting experts available at above agency immediately. They will definitely let you know legal norms of income taxes applicable for an individual and a corporate firm in Singapore. Also, they can provide personal assistance for the same to apply for tax of your business after evaluating all annual expenses of the business and will calculate right taxable amount to the Singapore government. Thus, it is easy to avail complete knowledge and personal assistance of financial experts in Singapore for filing tax or return of business from professionals available at above firm.


Similarly, if you are seeking for a skilled corporate secretary in Singapore for managing your company’s operations and other works, you should approach to the “FM ACCOUNTING” in Singapore and get the job done. The company has personnel of experienced corporate secretary professionals, who have expertise in handling all types of corporate works and clients services of a business in Singapore. Also, they are aware of all legal norms of Singapore corporate world for business registration to income tax. So, if you want to hire professional corporate secretary in Singapore for business need, you may call to the above agency in the country and hire its finest corporate secretaries, who are available to hire for full time or part time basis.


Thus, it is easy to avail the best corporate and accounting services in Singapore from above agency in a customized way.

The Easy No-Risk Way To Start Your Company

It has been your dream to start a company in Singapore. You have the necessary skills and the money to start the company. Your infrastructure and the network are ready. All you need to do is to start the company and your business is going to be flowing. You have ensured that you will have business from the day you start your business. It is the important event of your life. Will you ever risk all this by giving the registration of your company to someone who is neither experienced nor qualified to handle the job? You can try and do it yourself, but then, you are busy attending to the main work of your company. You need to hand over the job of getting your company registered to someone who will do it without any hassles. You must hand over the work to someone who will ensure that all rules and regulations are followed to the letter when the company is set up. You also need someone who will not charge you too much for this work.



FM Accounting & Consultancy does a variety of services for corporate. We also do the company register Singapore in a quick and efficient manner. Once you have handed over the documents duly signed, we will take care of everything to get your business set up. Our employees are highly trained in this job and will get the job done easily.


FM Accounting & Consultancy can also do the tax filing for you. We know it is not an easy job for companies to compute their tax. They have to know the benefits the government offers and the way the tax has to be calculated. The filing of the tax has to be done in specified forms as per the requirement of the IRAS. Every company has to declare the estimated chargeable income within three months from the closure of accounts for the year. All these formalities will be handled by us thus freeing you for more productive jobs.


FM Accounting & Consultancy can also handle your accounting and bookkeeping work in the most efficient manner. Avail our services and reduce your employment costs.

Make a good effort to opt for company register Singapore

If you wish to expand your business in the perfect manner then it is very important for you to find the best guidance. All efforts should be made where you have to find the right consultancy services for it. Unless all the rules are known to you, it would never be easy to get your company get registered. It is important for you to find out all good details as to whether it would be possible to get reliable services. This would help in making the registration process much faster that would also prove to be quite effective for you. If you make good attempt to find the best services for company register Singapore, then FM Accounting & Consultancy can really provide the perfect support. You can make the best decision to opt for our highly reliable services where you can start your business in Singapore.


We offer the best advisory services where we help you to get all your queries cleared. Our highly experienced professionals make use of the right skills so that it becomes much convenient for you to enjoy the maximum benefits out of it. So, you can surely make a good attempt at selecting our services for your requirement where you can get the perfect legal advisors. We also perform an internal audit that helps to keep track of your right expenses. Therefore, you should make the best decision to connect with our proficient team. You would find that your dream to run a business in Singapore has truly become a reality.


Our best support for tax filing services at FM Accounting & Consultancy can help to add fuel to your business. We have got all the perfect knowledge on how to make your business get the perfect growth. You can also find it to be quite fruitful when you try to connect with us for company secretary package. Our services are quite affordable and so you can always find yourself saving your money. We know how to deal with your business registration that would lead to providing maximum advantages to it. So, you should make the best attempt to connect with our experienced professionals without fail.

Get Accurate Business Accounting and Fiscal Services in Singapore at FM ACCOUNTING

For easy flow of business operations in Singapore, you can take aid of finest business accounting service agencies in the city. At authorized accounting firms, you can get the best services for finance, accounting, taxation, bookkeeping, and other financial matters in a transparent way. For instance, you can avail the best services of “FM ACCOUNTING” in Singapore, which is one place to get total range of business accounting and financial services as per industry standards in the city. The company has skilled accounting and taxation professionals, who have depth knowledge of all types of operational works of a business. They do the right analysis of client’s annual expenses and can calculate revenue report to file return for the business in a legal way. Thus, you will experience highly dedicated and adequate accounting and financial solutions in Singapore at above firm by genuine charted accountants and financial planners of the industry.



Apart from accounting services, if you need finest company secretary Singapore, it can also be arranged by “FM ACCOUNTING” in the city. The company provides accounting and company secretary professionals for corporate offices and companies in Singapore to hire for full time and part time basis. The offered company secretary would be highly educated and experienced in all types of corporate and legal works for client’s business and can manage them in a smart way. In Singapore, it is mandatory to hire a qualified company secretary for every new business within a few weeks or months to take the charge of business and manage its operational, legal, financial and other internal matters in a transparent manner. Thus, you easily search a skilled secretary for company for internal and external management of business and its operational works in legal way.


Similarly, if you require highly experienced bookkeeping professionals for managing financial records of the business, you should take assistance of “FM ACCOUNTING” in Singapore immediately. At this agency, you will find talented bookkeeping experts, who can preserve the old fiscal records of client’s business and maintain a file of them for future reference. However, it helps to the businesses to use such records at the time of return file of the company annually by checking all financial records of the firm. Thus, you can easily calculate the growth rate of the business in the industry and ca rate it on the loss and profit parameter easily.


Hence, it is easy to get all types of business accounting and financial services in Singapore at “FM ACCOUNTING” from industry’s experts.

Get the Best Corporate Services in Singapore at FM Accounting and Consultancy

Among all the countries in the world, Singapore is meant as the business hub, where global companies can find their ways and may give a new dimension to their businesses with ease. However, the mid-size to large level companies are moving in Singapore to setting up their new branches and expansion of existing businesses as well. But, it is not easy to do so, as the companies do not know how to register a company in Singapore legally and run it smoothly. If you are also getting hassles in company registration in Singapore, you do not need to be worried, as the city is rich with some approved business registration agencies, which can make possible to register the business in Singapore in a legal way.



Your search for an authorized company registration firm in Singapore will surely end at “FM Accounting and Consultancy”, which offers complete solution for business registration, accounting, taxation, and other business related services at affordable charges. Over the years, the company has been established its niche among the competitors and helps new businesses to setup in Singapore according to the government norms. The company makes such task feasible with the help of a team of dedicated business consultants and company registration experts, who are familiar with legal ways to get approval for a business to run and establishment in Singapore. The professionals of the firm know how to register a company in Singapore by following legal steps and standard corporate rules in the city.


Not only business incorporation services, “FM Accounting and Consultancy” in Singapore also specializes in corporate services, accounting, taxation, and other financial services as well. No worries, if you need the best corporate secretary Singapore for business or personal assistance, you should approach to the above agency in the city immediately. The company can provide you with the experienced corporate secretary for taking care of company’s annual return filing, preparation of general meeting documents, maintaining company registration, minute books, and other official works. All these are prime responsibilities of a professional company secretary, which should be accurate and based upon the industry rules as well.


So, it is convenient to get the best-in-class corporate services and business setup solutions in Singapore from “FM Accounting and Consultancy” at reasonable cost. For more details of company and its valued services, you should visit its website at

We Serve Companies

Bookkeeping may sound very simply a job of maintaining all the transactions of the company. But, the amount of work that goes into it can only be explained by a person who has done it. The details have to be meticulously entered without any mistakes. It is the basis for all other reports. Hence, if the books are not maintained properly everything could go wrong.


Further, these need to be maintained as per the stipulations of the government. Most companies will find it difficult to have a person to handle this work. This is why FM Accounting & Consultancy is offering the bookkeeping service. As we are keen on helping the medium and small companies to run smoothly we have fixed our rates for this job also at a very affordable level.


Our packages for bookkeeping can be tailor-made as per your requirement. Our employees are experts in maintaining books and processing statements as per the requirements of IRAS and ACRA. You can trust our experience in the job.


If you want to register company Singapore it is better for you to take the service of a consultant. If you are planning to do it yourself, you will be spending much of your time, which you can spend productively. The process itself is very simple and easy. But if you don’t know the right procedures and the correct documents that are to be submitted, then you could be going around in circles.


FM Accounting & Consultancy is experienced in registering and incorporating a lot of companies in Singapore. We have registered both foreign and local companies with ease. Once we have done the job you need not worry about compliance with the regulations.


We also offer very affordable packages for you for registration, incorporation and providing company secretary. Our packages are meant to save you money.

Accounting and taxation services for your company

Are you worried about maintaining the record of your company’s transactions and details about the profits and losses are all kept in a haphazard manner? Have you been paying incorrect amount of taxes that has led to the deterioration of your company’s resources? If you have been facing such issues, then it is now time to get rid of them and make yourself completely free of tension and tax related worries because FM Accounting offers services for Singapore company tax. These services will make sure that you only pay the exact amount of taxes that are applicable, not a penny less, and certainly not more. As there is much confusion about the slabs that are applicable to different kinds of businesses, it is advisable to seek advice from people who belong to this world of taxes, and the best of them can be found at FM Accounting. 


Along with the taxes, the internal accounts of a company also need to be managed by someone who is qualified and has skills to do that. Thus, to find someone who is suitable to do this job, FM Accounting provides company secretary Singapore who is completely reliable and can be entrusted with the look after of your company’s bookkeeping and accounting.


Company secretary is the one who can correctly make the balance sheets without error, therefore giving your organization the complete view of the actions carried out by the members during the exchange or buying and selling of products and services. FM Accounting makes sure that the person you are hiring as the company secretary Singapore for your firm is well experienced and has complete knowledge about market and sales, so that he can design better future plans for your organization which will prove to be the success mantra for you.

Trusted And Most Professional Company Set Up And Secretary Services In Singapore

Singapore has always been one of the most preferred destinations for various new businessmen to establish their business and be successful and having a very great opportunity to deal with the various markets. The city is actually one of the most famous for various business houses that are very successful and the most popular international markets. Besides that Singapore also offers great opportunity for faster growth and development and with international recognition and with ample opportunities to deal with various other businesses. But as an agency we have experienced since many decades that setting up a business in Singapore is not an easy matter and it requires professional support and assistance and we have been providing the most unique and successful services to incorporate company in Singapore and we have been very successful with great recognition in the market of Singapore. Besides that we are very much accustomed with the various formalities and requirements and our expert representatives are very dedicated and they give their best in helping our clients set up their business at the earliest and we also extend our most professional help in choosing the best office in the most lucrative location of the city of Singapore.


We have always endeavored to maintain high quality service delivery to our clients and we also have various other services which include our company secretary in Singapore and we being very much acquainted avails the most competent services. We always give much priority to the experience and proficiency of the secretaries and ensure that they are very dedicated and hard working. Besides that we have many clients who avail our services regularly and also recommend us very highly among their friends and colleagues and this has given much acclamation and recognition.

Getting the best help with taxation

The biggest fear and worry of any businessman across the world is tax. If one has ever tried to file tax in a business, he would understand the dire need of help required to accomplish this cumbersome task. Understanding the various rules of taxation, finding the slab you fit in, estimation of the amount of taxes the business is liable to pay, and following all the procedures in the right manner are some of the acts involved in tax filing. But there is no need to be scared, as FM Accounting & Consultancy will guide your way out through this labyrinth of taxes by making GST registration Singapore easier for you.


With FM Accounting, you can be leave all the tax related work in their hands and be assured that your business will not have to suffer any kind of consequences with best advices. The financial advisors at FM Accounting & Consultancy are well versed with GST registration Singapore and give you the best help in all the matters concerning the niche of tax. Tax filing would not have been easier ever.


Tax is a later stage of a business, but if you need help in the steps that precede it, FM Accounting & Consultancy offers all kinds of services and give you all what your business may require. If you are seeking help for company register Singapore, even then FM Accounting is the best to go to. They will trace the path that your business needs to follow for success and make sure that it gets a smooth beginning. Registration is the primary step, and if it is disturbed by any means, then the foundation of the company is shaken. Legal advisory services from FM Accounting & Consultancy will affirm that it doesn’t happen.